Eating the rainbow! Healthy eating includes plenty of colours.

Eating the rainbow! Healthy eating includes plenty of colours.



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Eating the rainbow! Healthy eating includes plenty of colours.

If you’re a parent of a toddler or young child, these two words no doubt play a big part in your life: Chicken Nuggets!

What child doesn’t eat chicken nuggets? It’s your go-to food when your fussy eaters won’t eat anything else; they’re a fun treat for a birthday party. Chicken Nuggets are fun!

At Kids on Beaufort, our menu has everything BUT chicken nuggets! We want even our fussy eaters to experience a range of food that is healthy and nutritious, and offers exactly what growing bodies need.

Food is one of the most important things in life, and setting up good eating habits while children are young is a good thing. At Kids on Beaufort, our menus include hot meals, cold food, finger foods and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

We love to focus on colours in our food. The bright red of a strawberry or capsicum. Pretty pink watermelon. Yummy yellow bananas and little round blue berries. The green celery sticks that are fun to crunch!

We want kids to experience different textures and smells, temperatures of food, foods they eat with a spoon and food they eat with their hands. Foods from different cultures with different flavours that they might not get at home.

Kids love to play, and we like to include cooking or meal preparation as part of their activities where possible. And it doesn’t have to stop here! We encourage kids to help with cooking at home, and to keep eating their different coloured fruit and veggies!

Kids on Beaufort want all children to grow and thrive, so the food we offer must always be beneficial to their healthy growth. We pay extreme attention food allergies, and to general dislikes. We are pleased to offer a Halal menu and will cater for religious or cultural preferences.

Our new Autumn menu will be coming soon and we thank parents who have given their suggestions on meals for the cooler months.

If you want to know more about our menus or have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

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I have been fortunate enough to have both of my children under the care of Kristy over the last 6 years. Needless to say I was super excited when I found out that Kristy and Linda were opening their own centre. Kristy exudes a natural affection for children and this was evident in the way […]

- Kerry Akhurst

I always felt so comfortable with Kristy when my son was in the babies room, so much so that I kept him in there longer so he was still with her! The genuine care and passion Kristy has for children made me feel confident that he was safe when the “mum guilt” kicked in for […]

- Jessica Elizabeth

Kristy is a fantastic carer. The activities she plans for the kids and effort she puts in is amazing! My baby would cry when he saw her leaving, and it was so nice to know he felt so safe and comfortable with her and put my mum guilt to rest

- Jacinta Graham

I’m very much looking forward to this centre opening up! Kristy (one of the owners) was the sole reason I ended up choosing our current daycare (where she was working at the time.) She put my mind at ease and Abigail took to her straight away. I always felt comfortable leaving her with Kristy so […]

- Kestin Arlove

Linda and Kristy are two of the most genuine, hard working and lovely people I know. They truly love engaging with children, and have a natural way with them. I cannot wait for their business to open so my boys can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that I know Kids on Beaufort will provide.

- Bree Dimmock

The two owners of Kids on Beaufort previously cared for both my children in before and after school care in their other child care roles. They were always professional, caring and attentive to the kids needs. I will gladly entrust them again with my children’s care in their new business.

- Alison Rawson