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Give your child the best start to their education!

Nov 1, 2019

The Festive Season is nearly upon us and many of us are winding down for the year. But parents – be warned: Before you know it, the new year will be upon us, and it’ll be “back to school” time!

And if you are a parent of a toddler, then no doubt you’ve heard about “3-year-old kindy”.

The West Australian school system allows children to begin formal schooling at a public or private school the year they turn either 4 or 5, depending upon which half of the year they were born in. Kindergarten is not compulsory, but is recommended for all children.

However, 3-year-old kindy is a program that is not offered at schools, but is run outside of schools such as at community centres and day care centres. 3-year-old kindy is optional of course, but is highly beneficial for a child’s education, and is a fun and exciting start to their school years!

3-year-old kindy is a structured play-based program that teaches children about themselves and their environment. Kids learn social and communication skills; and there is a big emphasis on social development and emotional regulation which helps to prepare children for attendance in 4-year-old programs the following year.

If your child already attends regular day-care, you may think they don’t need 3-year-old kindy as well. But there’s plenty of reasons why your child will thrive by attending 3-year-old kindy!

For a start, attending the program helps “break them in” to school routines and a school environment and allows them to adapt at their own pace.

The programs are designed especially for this age group. Children learn a variety of literacy and numeracy skills, including how to write their names, identification of simple numbers and shapes, recognition skills, such as identifying their school bags, and a range of communications skills, tools and tactics.

And of course the biggest factor: 3-year-old kindy is about having fun learning and making new friends!

If you would like to give your child the best possible start to their schooling, consider enrolling them into 3-year-old kindy in 2020.

Kids on Beaufort are taking enrolments now for the new school year, so get in touch with us today!