Child Care

Child Care

Where Children Learn, Belong, and Grow.

Our Centre offers childcare services in Perth and provides a safe environment where children are free to create, imagine and explore with all of their senses.

At Kids on Beaufort, we explore the holistic approach of Reggio Emilia’s philosophy, which focuses less on the traditional milestones of academic development and more towards the complete physical, emotional and psychological well being of the child.

Our play-based Early Learning program is guided by the Early Years Learning Frameork (EYLF) that embodies the 3 Bs: Being, Belonging and Becoming.

At Kids on Beaufort, our daycare services offers the highest standard in Inglewood, Perth. Visit our center today to make sure the best quality of care for your child and help us with your child’s first step in learning.

What We Offer

0 – 2 Years

2 – 3 Years

3+ Years


Healthy Menus

Enjoying a wide range of healthy menus and encouraging children to eat those foods is only one aspect of helping children develop good habits that may lead to healthy behaviours and lifestyles in their later years. Promoting physical activity and educating children about the difference of ‘sometime foods’ and ‘all the time foods’ through active play has physical and health benefits, but it also helps important social, language and brain development.