Choosing the best childcare for you and your family can be a little confusing and daunting. Our FAQ section amis to provide answers to question that are frequently asked that you should know the answer to.

What ages do we cater for?

We cater for children 6 weeks to 5 years (Early Years Program) and 4-12 years (OSHC care)

What happens when my child is sick or there is a public holiday?

Normal fees will apply when your booked day falls on a public holiday or absences due to holidays or illnesses.

Is there a minimum of days I need to book?

No, you are welcome to book your child into the centre for only 1 day. However for a child to become comfortable and create a sense of belonging we encourage at least 2 days. Building strong relationships with other children and Educators enables them to get the most benefit from our programs.

My child has an allergy what policy does your centre have?

All staff will have First Aid training including Anaphylaxis and Asthma training certificates. We will have action plans in place and parents are encouraged to read our health and safety policy.

Do you do have Orientation days?

Kids on Beaufort pride themselves in ensuring all children and families feel a sense of belonging whilst being welcomed into our centres. Our orientation process is flexible and tailored to your child’s needs. Orientations occur over a one week period and are free of charge. During the orientation visits, we will discuss your child’s needs and routine with you.

What is your Fee policy?

Following a once off enrolment fee, it is our policy that family’s weekly fees must be 2 weeks in advance. The parent must then continue to pay the weekly fee in advance in order to maintain a credit balance equivalent to 2 week of fees.

All payments must be made via EZIDebit and all families must complete an EZIDebit application form upon enrolment. In consultation with management, EFTPOS may be available however, requests are carefully assessed and not guaranteed to be approved. Our service has a no cash policy.

Two weeks’ notice is required if you wish to cancel a booking. Failure to do so will require parents to pay two weeks full fees. All accounts must be finalised within seven days and any outstanding accounts will be forwarded to debt collection agencies.

What if my child is sick?

We please ask that you keep your child home if they are ill. This helps reduce the risk to other children and staff. If your child becomes ill during their day at the centre, we will ring the parent’s contact numbers on the enrolment form. Please ensure that all current contact numbers are correct to avoid any delay.

Does your centre follow a curriculum?

Kids on Beaufort follow the National Quality Framework and Early Years Learning framework , inspired by Reggio Emilia to ensure that children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in learning that is rich in creativity, fun and development.

Do we provide food? Do we cater for dietary, cultural and medical needs?

We have a wonderful qualified and experienced cook at Kids on Beaufort. Her background enhances her love for sharing good food and encouraging the children to learn about good food that fuels their developing bodies.

We offer a 4-week rotating menu. Our menus are nutritiously balanced to ensure that all children are provided with he recommended daily intake of each food group. We provide Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. We also offer Breakfast (before 7.30am) and late snacks (after 5pm). These meals are all prepared at our centre. Dietary, Cultural and medical needs are also catered for at our centre. We encourage families to discuss their children’s individual needs during the orientation process. All rooms will have a copy of each child’s dietary requirements and food allergies.

What are the educators qualifications and do they have a police clearance and Working with children’s check?

We are blessed to have wonderful and qualified Educators. Each staff has either a Cert 111 in Early childhood Education & care, Diploma in childcare, Degree in Early Childhood Teaching. All educators have a formal First aid certificate and Asthma Management & Anaphylaxis, Working with Children’s check and Police clearance.

Can we bring a birthday cake to celebrate our child’s birthday?

Yes, we encourage and love to celebrate your child’s birthday. We ask that the cake or treat provided be nut free. If the cake or treat is store bought please keep its original packaging which contains a list of ingredients. Birthday cakes are generally served to the children with afternoon tea.

What are room routines?

We follow flexible routines. This ensures we are meeting every child’s individual needs. Children in the babies room follow their home routines. As they progress to the toddler’s room, we begin to blend this routine with a more general routine that follows regular meal time and sleep patterns. Pre-kindy and Kindy rooms have a more structured routine that encourages self-help skills and independence. Routines ensure that children are ready for the school environment and enhances a sense of security. Although we are a play-based learning centre, we introduce learning times in the older groups to prepare them for a more structured routine offered at school.

All Routines are displayed and can be found in your child’s room.

Do we provide a 3 year old Kindy Program?

Yes, we do and have a wonderful Pre-school Teacher. We offer a Educational Early Years Learning Program, inspired by Reggio Emilia. Our aim is to prepare your child emotionally and socially, as well as encouraging independence.