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Making nature a part of our everyday world

Jul 1, 2020

Natural play strengthens children’s self-confidence and arouses their senses – their awareness of the world and all that moves in it, seen and unseen.

This is a quote from journalist Richard Louv who has written many books about the importance of children playing and connecting with nature.

At Kids on Beaufort, we couldn’t agree more!

As adults, we know there’s nothing better than being in nature. Surrounded by trees, listening to the sounds of the natural world around us, breathing in the fresh air and feeling the tranquility that comes from being away from the city and suburbia.

Imagine your children being able to feel this way every day!

Children today are unfortunately being raised in a created world filled with plastic and technology where almost everything is disposable. Nature playgrounds remind children that the world can offer so much more. It’s a reminder that they live in an environment where plants grow and leaves fall and water flows. Playing and learning in a natural environment will instil in a child a respect and love of nature that will grow and flourish for the rest of their lives.

Kids on Beaufort are so proud to open our very own Nature Playground!

We wanted to create a space that gives children the freedom to explore nature, and also to show them that the natural world can be a part of their everyday world. Children at Kids on Beaufort are encouraged to explore and learn through play, and our new nature playground offers so much! Logs to climb and balance on. Sand to dig in and build with. Rocks to sit on and plants to learn from. And all made from natural resources materials so we can escape from the plastic world!

Welcome to the Kids on Beaufort Nature Playground!

Our new nature playground is now officially open, and already the children are enjoying it every day. We have included sensory boards made from natural materials that will surely inspire young children even more. As long as they are making music and making noise – we know they are happy!

We would love parents to come and have a look at our Nature Playground – we’re pretty proud of it! Next time you drop off or pick up, take a minute to head to level 2 and check it out.