Beaufort 2 (2 to 3)

Pre-Kindy (2 to 3)

Every Child Is A Star.

At Kids on Beaufort, our safe, warm and homely environment along with our highly trained educators will not only care for your children, but also stimulate your child’s cognitive, emotional and physical development.  We also support children to develop self-help skills competence in personal hygiene, care and safety for themselves and others. 

In the Beaufort 2 room we embrace children’s interest and imagination by planning and finding ways they can learn more and have fun at the same time.  We provide opportunities for social, emotional, and cognitive development and we strive to make it a friendly environment where everyone is encouraged and welcomed to participate in activities to help meet their developmental milestone.  Here we also make sure we are meeting every child’s individual needs, building strong relationship, and supporting their independence, helping them feel safe, happy and build confidence on who they are becoming.

Activities For Your Child

Kids on Beaufort offers the following activities